CYNIC project good practice: Information security training methodologies

Material to increase awareness about digital information security for SMEs.

This week we would like to present you the last but not least good practice identified by, the Arctic Cooperation funded, ARCTIC PACER partnership. Information security training methodologies is another fantastic example shared by CYNIC project partners. 

One of the 5 projects participating in the ARCTIC PACER clustering project, the CYNIC project, has developed training material for increasing awareness about digital information security as supports services for SMEs and IT consultancy companies. Our partners explain that the focus is to bring together human and technical aspects, to incorporate information security risk management in ordinary work routines. These are the materials developed by the CYNIC project:

  • A mobile information security lab, Instance lab. This is aimed for practical training at the SMEs sites.
  • Interactive exercises for the Instance lab. These are under development and they will support and engage SMEs in realistic actions under fictive threats.
  • A card deck game for information security. This service builds upon gamification and is an easy to use training material to start understanding the concepts and terms of risks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures. It has been found successful as a team building activity to inspire further training.
  • An online awareness application, Riskify. This training material shed light on how differently risk assessments are done by different stakeholders.


The training material can be found here

Also, have a look to the right column on this page! You will find a video in which our project partners tell you more! (In Swedish)