Outputs and Results

ARCTIC PACER is fully aligned with the integrated EU policy for the Arctic and its focus in aspects such as environment and climate change, sustainable development, and peaceful international cooperation, with overarching support for scientific research. The clustering activities planned will lead to:

  • Explore new integrated solutions for complex public services delivery.
  • Involve and get contributions from wider range of relevant stakeholders and target groups.
  • Build up new partnerships to find further solutions to the topic addressed.
  • Draft proposal ideas and project application to be submitted to related EU funded calls.
  • Increase the visibility of the participant projects allowing them to reach new audiences and disseminate the achievement at both levels, jointly as a cluster and as individual projects.

It is also important to highlight that the clustering activities will provide the partners with access to additional knowledge and experiences coming from other projects, enabling them to apply the lessons learnt into their own project and leading into improved outcomes and results.