The common territorial challenge tackled by ARCTIC PACER is how to deliver quality and sustainable public services in remote and sparsely populated areas

Factors, such as, low density populations, youth out-migration and brain-drain, long distances between main population centres and rural areas or shortages in human and material resources are putting the public service providers in high pressure to deliver quality and sustainable services and bring the need for innovative ways to provide public services.

Communities will be put at the centre of the project to empower them. ARCTIC PACER will take advantage of the broad expertise brought by the five partnerships of the cluster. All of them address similar challenges but covering different angles when it comes to the provision of public services. In that way, clustering cooperation will enable in 2020 the access to a wider target groups and relevant stakeholders enriching the process of co-creating new digital public services with and for them. The 30 partners together, we will:

  • Explore innovative solutions for participative, user-centred, quality and sustainable digital public services in Arctic regions.
  • Create synergies among complementing projects resulting in stronger partnerships able to define solutions for complex public services delivery in the Arctic communities.
  • Wider disseminate the role that digital technologies and new business models play in the provision of quality public services.