ARCTIC PACER project publishes an Inventory of Expertise

Discover nine successful technologies, methodologies and systems from partners!

ARCTIC PACER partnership has recently completed an Inventory of Expertise with project partners' good practices.

The document gathers and presents the existing experiences (mainly technologies, methodologies and systems) shared by the ARCTIC PACER clustered projects. This is the result of the exercise made by the ARCTIC PACER partners identifying those experiences susceptible of being used to find solutions to the complex use cases that will be defined later in the project.

These selected experiences are described putting special attention on their potential application to address complex use cases in public service provision. The information provided is aimed to explain how each experience can contribute to be part of the solution including main fields of application, the conditions for their transferability and lessons learnt from their implementation.

These experiences will be used as an invaluable input to define solutions to the complex use cases identified in the project.

Download the document here!