2020 eGovernment Benchmark report: digital delivery of public services

Published by European Commission, it shows improvements in the digital delivery of public services according to the 4 benchmarks considered.

The European Commission has recently published the 2020 eGovernment Benchmark report to asses the work being carried out. Better digital services are needed because user demand is high. Therefore, the EU is continuously working towards an improved digital delivery of public services.

The latest report shows important improvements. "Over the last two years, every one of the 36 countries measured has improved the digital delivery of public services according to the four benchmarks considered in the assessment: user-centricity, transparency, key enablers and cross-border mobility. However, the scale of improvement and the overall performance vary substantially", they explain from European Commission's website.

According to the report, the European frontrunners in eGovernment are Malta, Estonia, Austria and Latvia, followed closely by Denmark, Lithuania and Finland. Nevertheless, referring to the progress made, Luxembourg, Hungary and Slovenia have made a remarkable improvement during the last two years. Furthermore, EU is making a good progress as well. "The EU27+ overall performance stands at 68%. Two years ago, the overall performance sat at 62%".

The report also shows that three out of four public services can be fully completed online and they are mobile friendly. Nevertheless, it suggest that transparency on personal data use still must improve. Apart from this, the report mentions that, "European countries should improve the implementation of digital enablers in eGovernment service delivery" and that "cross-border mobility remains a challenge".

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