Digital threats analysed through the #CyberNorth conference

Are people aware of the cyber risks? How can they protect their businesses? #CyberNorth brought into the spotlight cyber behavior and security tips.

Picture by Luleå University of Technology (Sweden).

ARCTIC PACER partners from Luleå University of Technology have organised the #CyberNorth conference on the 27th of February at the House of Science in Luleå (Sweden). The event gathered over 130 participants from industry and public sector with interest in cyber behavior, security and IT fields. Furthermore, they could exchange information with students and people from different organisations that support the senior society (pensioners and elderly).

During the event, attendees were asked if they have ever been exposed to digital threats (i.e., hackers or over-listing techniques). Are people aware of the cyber risks? How can they protect their businesses? During the #CyberNorth event an interactive service was used to ask some questions to the crowd gathered at the House of Science. As a result, 90% of the participants reported that they have been exposed to digital threats. Therefore, the attendees got the opportunity to see, hear and test their awareness with industry representatives and experts. 

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